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Your Trustworthy Castaic Family Dentist

At Castaic Dental Center, our mission is to deliver top-tier dentistry within a warm and inviting setting. When you step into our practice, rest assured that our skilled team will swiftly attend to your needs, ensuring minimal wait times and efficient service. Whether you seek routine cleanings or treatment for gum disease, Dr. Charu Aggarwal brings a wealth of expertise to address your concerns.

We aspire for Castaic Dental Center to become your go-to destination for all dental care requirements. To better accommodate you, we offer services in English, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi, and Spanish. Since 1994, we’ve proudly served the communities of Castaic, Frazier Park, Santa Clarita, and beyond. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you into our dental family. Reach out to our office today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference firsthand!

Our Family-Oriented Approach to Modern Dentistry

With meticulous attention, we customize our array of dental services to suit your individual requirements. Our Castaic family dentist in Santa Clarita is dedicated to ensuring each visit to our practice is both comfortable and productive. Since 2003, Dr. Aggarwal has provided exceptional care to patients spanning all age groups. By taking into account factors such as your comfort preferences, dental needs, and age, we craft a tailored experience that prioritizes your well-being.

We hold the belief that each individual smile is a masterpiece worth preserving, maintaining its appearance and aesthetics for years to come. Leveraging modern technological advancements and employing top-notch dental techniques, we are adeptly prepared to cater to you and your family members. With the convenience of treating multiple family members in a single afternoon, our team offers a streamlined alternative to visiting multiple dentists. Entrust us with the care of you and your loved ones, and let us ensure your smiles remain radiant and healthy.


Preventive Dentistry for Children & Teens

When tending to our youngest patients, our goal is to cultivate a bond of trust between your child and our family dentist. We achieve this by presenting our services in easy-to-understand terms, addressing inquiries, and elucidating the rationale behind our treatment strategies. By doing so, we alleviate apprehensions and satiate your child’s curiosity. Recognizing that dental visits can be daunting for both children and adults, we are committed to ensuring each visit is as seamless and stress-free as can be.

At our practice, patient education holds paramount importance. We elucidate the significance of dental hygiene and impart practical tips and techniques for maintaining optimal oral health, potentially averting the need for future restorative procedures. As part of our preventive approach, we administer sealants and fluoride during cleanings to safeguard your child’s teeth and ward off cavities.

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Rejuvenating Your Smile as an Adult

Your health and wellness remain our Castaic family dentist’s foremost priority at all times. During each routine check-up, we conduct visual screenings to detect any signs of oral cancer, promptly referring you for a biopsy should we observe any abnormalities. Dr. Aggarwal is vigilant in identifying and addressing signs or symptoms of health conditions like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, Bruxism, and sleep apnea, whether they are observed or self-reported. In addition to monitoring your overall health, we offer an array of cosmetic and restorative services, including:

  • Veneers:

    A veneer is an ultra-thin shell that enables us to reshape a chipped or misaligned tooth. Customized to closely match the natural shade of your healthy teeth, the veneer enhances the aesthetics of your smile seamlessly.

  • Porcelain Crowns:

    Using a dental crown, we can effectively restore the size, shape, and integrity of a tooth that has experienced wear, cracks, chips, or has undergone root canal therapy.

  • Dental Bridges:

    Our team excels in seamlessly filling gaps in your smile with tailor-made prosthetic teeth and crowns.

  • Partial or Full Dentures:

    We specialize in offering meticulously crafted dentures that can seamlessly replace an entire arch of teeth with prosthetics that resemble natural teeth.

  • Snore Guards for Sleep Apnea:

    If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, we can create a customized dental device designed to alleviate your symptoms and enable you to resume your regular lifestyle.

  • Root Canal Therapy: If you’re experiencing severe decay or infection in a tooth, there’s a possibility we can save it with a timely root canal treatment. Our dentist meticulously removes the infected tissue and pulp from the tooth, then seals the area to prevent any further infections.

Maintaining Your Oral Health as a Senior

Despite common misconceptions, tooth loss is not inevitable with age! Our team is dedicated to preserving your natural smile for years to come. By scheduling regular visits to our Castaic family dentist for routine cleanings, we aim to safeguard your dental health and preserve the integrity of your teeth and gums.

If you’re grappling with multiple broken, decayed, or missing teeth, we offer full mouth reconstructions to create a stunning new smile for you. By combining various dental treatments into a personalized package, we can restore or replace several teeth to suit your unique needs. Since commencing her dental practice in 2003, Dr. Aggarwal’s dedication to crafting both functional and aesthetically pleasing smiles has been evident in the high quality of her work.

Gum disease is a primary contributor to tooth loss among seniors. At our practice, we offer maintenance cleanings as well as scaling and root planing procedures to address periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing is a comprehensive two-step treatment. Firstly, we remove harmful bacteria and plaque from your teeth through scaling. Next, we meticulously smooth exposed tooth roots during planing, thereby minimizing the risk of future infections.

In order to maintain optimal oral health, we may suggest regular maintenance cleanings every three months. Our approach to treating gum disease is centered on providing compassionate and non-judgmental care aimed at enhancing your quality of life.

Your Caring Castaic Family Dentist

Castaic Dental Center stands out as a premier Family Dentist clinic in Santa Clarita, CA. Our dedicated team is poised to address your individual dental needs, whether it involves cosmetic enhancements or your child’s crown placement. Our goal is to offer you a distinct smile that endures over time. Get in touch with Dr. Aggarwal at Castaic Dental Center today, and let us assist you in maintaining your health and happiness for years to come!